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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Give a girl a bone

I have a dilemma. I'm currently a student studying law, however I am also addicted to retail therapy. The two of these statements don't go hand in hand together so somehow I have to find a happy medium between the two. I am one of those people who cant go shopping or pop into town without coming back with either something pretty or some form of makeup. I am addicted. I have tried to reign myself in many a time but it just does seem to work for me. 

It's exam preparation time at university at the moment, so the time I can spend shopping has been massively limited, however i'm lacking motivation to say the least. So I have come up with a plan to help me get over this. I am going to use my exams as a kind of reward, after each exam I am going to allow myself to purchase one item off the list below, and after all my exams are complete and summer has officially begun I am going to go on an epic shopping trip, and yes that means an epic haul blog post! 

Below is a list of items that I am convincing myself I need, however in reality, I want . I am going to almost use them as a dog bone system and praise myself for all my hard work :D 

-Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleaning Polish 
-Denim crop jacket (Topshop- £38.00)
-Conical wand BaByliss 2285U Curling 
-MAC minralize skinfinish natural (MAC- £20.50)
-NARS Laguna bronzer- (NARS-£25.00)
-NARS foundation
-MAC 129 blush brush (MacCosmetics- £26.00)
-MAC 219 pencil brush (MacCosmetics- £19.00)
-Clinique dramatically different moisturizer  (Clinique £29.00)

MOTO Crop Denim Bleach Jacket BaByliss 2285U Curling WandDramatically Different Moisturizing LotionBronzing Powder 129 Powder/Blush Brush

So I feel like i'm six again, making a Christmas wish list. But hopefully this new technique will work for me, ill keep you updated on my progress! 


Unknown said...

What a great idea! Maybe it will work with housework, too.