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Thursday, 19 April 2012
The sun is coming out in force, and with it are the celebrities sporting beautiful designer shades. From Ray Bans to Dior's, this year it seems the bigger the glasses the better!

But what if your not an A list celeb and you piggy bank has a bottom, the classic looks can still be achieved from high street stores, the only thing their lacking is the brand name, and lets be honest, who examines peoples sunglasses wanting to spot the designers from the fakes? If they look good and are in style, who cares?

Ray Bans have been the in thing since celebs began rocking the brand, with the wayfarer design (a classic black square design) being popular among celebrities such as BOB. Although iconic the shades certainly come with a price tag at £120.00...now living in the UK that may seem like an awful lot to spend on a pair of shades you are likely to wear five times a year. High street brands such as Topshop have almost duplicated the design, the only noticeable difference being the small Ray Ban logo placed on the arms of the glasses.

Style and shape of your shades can change up your whole look. Popular styles have been seen everywhere from the runway to the local supermarket.

Cat Eye Sunglasses 
 This is a very playful look that is becoming increasingly popular, largely due to its quirky nature. From large pointed cat eyes to softer more subtle looks, this trend is defiantly one to watch out during Summer 2012.

Funky Shapes
Striking the catwalk this season are a variety of funky shaped glasses, giving a very 1980's look to any outfit. On top of being vintage they are also fun with endless possibilities to designs and shapes making it a really intriguing prospect.

Round Glasses 
This statement look has been spotted on many a celeb, some even being regarded as iconic for there use of the simple yet effective round style. The shape creates a softer look to that of squarer Ray Bans alike, but the softer appearance is not less effective in bringing out a classic and elegant look.

The next thing to consider is the shape and size of your face in order to determine which shades will work best for you. Making this decision needs to be an informed and educated one as when done badly sunglasses can drown features and emphasize imperfections.

A Square Face 

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a square faceA square face with wide cheekbones looks great with  both rounded or aviator shaped frames. With such a strong shaped face, over sized and curvy styles also work well. Lens color also needs to be considered with a rose or amber warm tint to add a subtle and gentle retro look perfect for the more laid back lady.

Round Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a round faceWith such a soft shape definition is the key to slim so slim your cheeks with a frame slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Soft but angular styles will pull your temple higher, lengthening your face and breaking up the roundness. A double brow style also pulls the eye away from the mouth, giving you a more defined shape overall.

Oval Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a oval faceCount yourself lucky as pretty much any style works on an oval face. You should experiment with the latest looks such as the Wayfarer, now updated in lots of colors and prints to suit everybody. For pure celebrity status and a pair that screams 'look at me' go for a heavily detailed arm. Solid dark lenses add status; whilst metal frames are a good way to create a definitive silhouette.

Heart Shaped Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a heart faceA defined, pointed chin with wide cheek bones and forehead look great with a more quirky, retro shaped pair of sunglasses. Choose a pair which angle outwards towards the top corner, widening out the face to balance the jaw line. Coloured frames and arms with strong detail will soften the lower portion of your face by accentuating the eye area.


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Hey lovely, aww thanks so much that is great :D xxx

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Unknown said...

Wow! This is great. Thanks for the info. I'm so lost when it comes to picking out glasses. Good thing my face is oval!