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Monday, 11 June 2012
Wow, it feels like such a long time since I last wrote on here... and that's because it has been such a long time!I have been so busy with exams and work and fun stuff that we all unfortunately have to do. But I can officially say summer is here so I will be writing and posting loads more blogs beauty, makeup and general life.

Friday, 27 April 2012
WOW, so I first need to start off with a massive thank you to HollyS92 (http://hollysbeautyreview.blogspot.co.uk/) for putting me up for all five of the beauty blogger nomination, all I can say is I'm over whelmed and soo grateful :)

I have tagged a couple of bloggers who Im loving at the moment, and feel you should love them too :). If you get nominated, copy and paste the questions an awards below, pop a link to my blog, and link all the people you nominate. Share the love <3
Here we go...

7 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm a UK law student
2. I am obsessed with the colour pink, despite nearly being 21! 
3. I am petite, although I can be fierce ( in a good way ;) )
4. I LOVE dancing and acting
5. I have three older brothers! Eeek!
6. I am beyond addicted to sherbert and chocolate!
7. I'm currently learning to play the guitar...although Im not all that good!

Tag bloggers with under 200 followers

1. How long have you been blogging?

Literally for 11 days, but am slacking on the follower front :(

2. What are the 1-2 reasons you started blogging?

I have been obsessed with reading blogs and watching youtube videos for a long time now, and have finally maned up and got the courage to start a blog for myself!

3. What type of blogs do you like to follow/read?

I like beauty and fashion blogs, as it keeps me up to date with all the latest trends etc. I also love reading law blogs and political blogs (neek!) as it enables me to stay up to date with all things related to my degree. 

4. What is one thing you would like to improve on as a blogger/on your blog?

I would like to gain more followers, and be able to write blogs about things that interest me, as well as being able to give useful advice out to other people.

7 Random Thoughts About Myself

1. My fashion style is kinda crazy. I don't really fit into stereotypical boxes, but at the same time I encompass all of the stereotypical looks. One day I can look preppy, the next girly and the next simple and plain. I like being versatile with my fashion, if I like something I will wear it.
2. I always laugh at my own jokes, I'm the most giggly person ever XD
3. I have a list of items I want to invest in as a kind of reward after my exams ;) (see previous post)
4. I am set to have the most epic summer this year (after not going away for the past couple of years), Im going to Prague, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and many more places. Too excited!
5. I am allergic to seafood :(
6. I LOVE rugby,though I'm about 3ft too short and 10stone too light to play!
7. I have sooo many exams and coming up over the next few weeks and properly need to sort my life out and get in this revision train.

1. Pink or red nails?


2. Who is your role model?

My Mummy

3. Your favourite cereal?


4. What are you wearing right now?

Dark blue skinny jeans, grey vest top, blue opaque over top
5. What is your next post going to be?

Hmmm...something increadibly exciting ;) haha

6. What is your favourite song at the moment?

Ed Sheeran- Lego House

7. What are your bedsheets like?

Plain white with pink flowers at the bottom

8. Name your top three films.

Black Swan
Billy Elliott
Calendar Girls

9. What shape sunglasses do you wear?

Wayfarer, definitely seems to suit me best!

10. What is your haircare routine?

Charles Worthington Shampoo and Conditioner
Leave in Conditioner spray
Any heat protectant
A good ol' straighten with my GHD's

(my hair desperately needs a cut at the mo!)

11. Who is your favorite band/singer?

Queen Bee aka Beyonce 

I tag...

I love all yours blogs for different reasons! It's clear a lot of effort goes in to them. Keep up the good work :)
Thursday, 19 April 2012
The sun is coming out in force, and with it are the celebrities sporting beautiful designer shades. From Ray Bans to Dior's, this year it seems the bigger the glasses the better!

But what if your not an A list celeb and you piggy bank has a bottom, the classic looks can still be achieved from high street stores, the only thing their lacking is the brand name, and lets be honest, who examines peoples sunglasses wanting to spot the designers from the fakes? If they look good and are in style, who cares?

Ray Bans have been the in thing since celebs began rocking the brand, with the wayfarer design (a classic black square design) being popular among celebrities such as BOB. Although iconic the shades certainly come with a price tag at £120.00...now living in the UK that may seem like an awful lot to spend on a pair of shades you are likely to wear five times a year. High street brands such as Topshop have almost duplicated the design, the only noticeable difference being the small Ray Ban logo placed on the arms of the glasses.

Style and shape of your shades can change up your whole look. Popular styles have been seen everywhere from the runway to the local supermarket.

Cat Eye Sunglasses 
 This is a very playful look that is becoming increasingly popular, largely due to its quirky nature. From large pointed cat eyes to softer more subtle looks, this trend is defiantly one to watch out during Summer 2012.

Funky Shapes
Striking the catwalk this season are a variety of funky shaped glasses, giving a very 1980's look to any outfit. On top of being vintage they are also fun with endless possibilities to designs and shapes making it a really intriguing prospect.

Round Glasses 
This statement look has been spotted on many a celeb, some even being regarded as iconic for there use of the simple yet effective round style. The shape creates a softer look to that of squarer Ray Bans alike, but the softer appearance is not less effective in bringing out a classic and elegant look.

The next thing to consider is the shape and size of your face in order to determine which shades will work best for you. Making this decision needs to be an informed and educated one as when done badly sunglasses can drown features and emphasize imperfections.

A Square Face 

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a square faceA square face with wide cheekbones looks great with  both rounded or aviator shaped frames. With such a strong shaped face, over sized and curvy styles also work well. Lens color also needs to be considered with a rose or amber warm tint to add a subtle and gentle retro look perfect for the more laid back lady.

Round Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a round faceWith such a soft shape definition is the key to slim so slim your cheeks with a frame slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. Soft but angular styles will pull your temple higher, lengthening your face and breaking up the roundness. A double brow style also pulls the eye away from the mouth, giving you a more defined shape overall.

Oval Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a oval faceCount yourself lucky as pretty much any style works on an oval face. You should experiment with the latest looks such as the Wayfarer, now updated in lots of colors and prints to suit everybody. For pure celebrity status and a pair that screams 'look at me' go for a heavily detailed arm. Solid dark lenses add status; whilst metal frames are a good way to create a definitive silhouette.

Heart Shaped Face

Sunglasses Shop guide to sunglasses for a heart faceA defined, pointed chin with wide cheek bones and forehead look great with a more quirky, retro shaped pair of sunglasses. Choose a pair which angle outwards towards the top corner, widening out the face to balance the jaw line. Coloured frames and arms with strong detail will soften the lower portion of your face by accentuating the eye area.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Give a girl a bone

I have a dilemma. I'm currently a student studying law, however I am also addicted to retail therapy. The two of these statements don't go hand in hand together so somehow I have to find a happy medium between the two. I am one of those people who cant go shopping or pop into town without coming back with either something pretty or some form of makeup. I am addicted. I have tried to reign myself in many a time but it just does seem to work for me. 

It's exam preparation time at university at the moment, so the time I can spend shopping has been massively limited, however i'm lacking motivation to say the least. So I have come up with a plan to help me get over this. I am going to use my exams as a kind of reward, after each exam I am going to allow myself to purchase one item off the list below, and after all my exams are complete and summer has officially begun I am going to go on an epic shopping trip, and yes that means an epic haul blog post! 

Below is a list of items that I am convincing myself I need, however in reality, I want . I am going to almost use them as a dog bone system and praise myself for all my hard work :D 

-Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleaning Polish 
-Denim crop jacket (Topshop- £38.00)
-Conical wand BaByliss 2285U Curling 
-MAC minralize skinfinish natural (MAC- £20.50)
-NARS Laguna bronzer- (NARS-£25.00)
-NARS foundation
-MAC 129 blush brush (MacCosmetics- £26.00)
-MAC 219 pencil brush (MacCosmetics- £19.00)
-Clinique dramatically different moisturizer  (Clinique £29.00)

MOTO Crop Denim Bleach Jacket BaByliss 2285U Curling WandDramatically Different Moisturizing LotionBronzing Powder 129 Powder/Blush Brush

So I feel like i'm six again, making a Christmas wish list. But hopefully this new technique will work for me, ill keep you updated on my progress! 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summer is fast approaching, and the lipstick shades are out. How brave are you?

What a burst of color this seasons lipstick trends seem to be having. On the runway corals, plums and purples seem to be the style of choice yet although effective it takes a certain type of person to carry these looks off whilst wondering around the streets of London. 

So how do you compromise to incorporate trend and wear-ability?

The answer to that is pastels! MAC, Bobbi Brown, Dior and Channel are just some of the major players who have been releasing lashings of pretty pastels so color is not compromised during these hot months. 

Clinique Almost lipsticks spring summer 2012 Lipsticks Fashion 2012
Clinique Almost lipsticks spring summer 2012

MAC Pastel lipstick

Dare to go different?

Rather than the stereotypical hot red bold lip (although timeless and classic), the bold that is hitting our towns this summer is orange. Orange and coral lipsticks can be seen everywhere at present whatever your skin tone, so why not give it a go?

Tips, tricks and do it yourself

Buying a whole new set of lipsticks to 'fit in' with the seasons must haves is not always plausible, not to mention pricey! But here are a few ideas to revamp your current shades and make summer work for you.
  • Layering lipstick can give a two tone pastel effect. Pinks and purples work really well for this.
  • Apply, blot, and gloss it up. Give your lips a subtle hint of color with the lipstick you already own, and blot the heaviness of the lipstick away so you are left with a stain effect. Apply your favorite lip gloss which will enhance the color to a pastel effect. 
  • Experiment with lip liners. They are far cheaper than lipsticks. Apply all over the lips (creating the shape you desire), and pat color or lip gloss on to finish the look. 
  • For those of you who are daring (I wish I could be!) Apply a lip liner a shade darker than the shade of you lipstick color to really enhance the boldness of the color. 
  • When people think bold, they think bright red and fushia. Bold can be anything, from coral to purple, work what you have! 
  • To make a lipstick pop on a hot summers day wear some sunglasses. This will draw all the attention down to your lips giving a greater impact. 
  • Go for something you wouldn't normally go for. Experimentation is the key. I find I stick to the same color pallets as its what your comfortable with. But without trying you'll never know which color is best for you. 
  • Apply lip balm before applying any form of lip liner, lipstick or lip gloss as it will create an even base for your colors to hold onto. 


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My blog is going to be based on beauty and fashion providing a place to come to gain access to all the latest trends and themes (there seem to be so many its sometimes hard to keep on top of it all!). I will be inspired by run way designer and high end shops, however I aim to recreate the looks using cheaper alternatives, that can be achieved by anyone and everyone regardless of budget.  

I'd like to say a huge welcome to anyone who comes across my site, and although its pretty bare at the moment, followers would be great so I can build some form of community on this interweb ;)